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LOVE Cherrywood

Hi everyone...

I just finished quilting an "all-Cherrywood" quilt for a customer and just felt the need to write. It was pure joy to quilt it, just to get to look at all the fabrics... I actually stopped quilting several times to go the back of my machine and make a note of a color combination I medium denim blue and brown paper sack colors, and eggplant and fuchsia...

I have quite a bit of Cherrywood fabric in my personal stash (bought mostly at shows), but have (duh!) "saved it" for some special, future project. NO MORE! I'm determined to CREATE a SPECIAL project just so I can use your fabrics. Or maybe my next pattern will feature Cherrywood I can't wait to get the swatch card.

...If I only had one type of fabric to use the rest of my quilting carrier, I think it would be Cherrywood....I just love these fabrics.

Shelley Hilton Pace
Wild Prairie Studios
Weatherford, TX 76085

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